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You Are Only the Co-Pilot

Are you holding on too tightly? Full Transcript: Hello my friends.  Steve Schramm here.  I just wanted to talk to you about something that is really important.  I’ve been thinking about this lately.  I’m probably thinking about this now more than ever, based on some...

Thank God for Work!

Some Labor Day reflections on the goodness of God and the goodness of work. Full Transcript: Hey everybody.  I hope you guys are doing well today.  It’s Labor Day in the United States of America and on this Labor Day I just wanted to give you some quick reflections...

The Amazing Power of Relationship Marketing

Did you know that you already know everyone you need to know in order to get what you need and want? Full Transcript: Relationship marketing is a powerful and often overlooked aspect of business that I think is just so important for us Christian business owners.  It’s...

Sell ONLY What You Can Control?

Question: Do you sell a deliverable or a result? Full Transcript: I want to have a real talk moment here about what you should be selling when it comes to products or when it comes to services. There’s a lot of misconception around the idea of results.  I especially...

It’s Only Normal to You

The curse of knowledge could singlehandedly DESTROY the very foundation of your business. What is it, and how can you push past it? Full Transcript: I want to tell you about a concept that I first came across when I was studying the work of Donald Miller in his book...

Christian entrepreneurs will change the world.

Think I’m crazy? Well, you wouldn’t be the first ?

I have this idea that there is a coming renaissance of Christian entrepreneurship, in a day and time where we are witnessing unprecedented censorship of Christian and conservative voices.

There is no need to fear. There is no need to back down. This may shock you, but people are so divided that one of the hardest ways to reach people is through the lens of public Christian ministry. 

Every day, I speak with Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders who tell me that their impact for Christ has skyrocketed since becoming a faith-full business owner. My mission is to expose you to their work and show you the new way to do business. 

Steve Schramm
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