You Are Only the Co-Pilot

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Are you holding on too tightly?

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Hello my friends.  Steve Schramm here.  I just wanted to talk to you about something that is really important.  I’ve been thinking about this lately.  I’m probably thinking about this now more than ever, based on some context of things that have happened recently.  Personal stories and some stories of some friends of mine and some of the business relationships I have.

There is something for a Faith-Full Business owner that is super important.  You have to remember this.  You are only the co-pilot.  This is especially difficult for me to come to terms with because of the kind of work I do.  I do marketing work.  When a business brings me in to help them, the goal is to increase business.  As a marketer, I should be able to do the work to increase my own business and be able to do the work to increase business for my clients.  But the irony is, in my own businesss, so much of it is just me letting go and following God’s will.  Allowing God’s sovereignty to guide and me just being the steward of this business.  I manage the business as if I get to own it, all while realizing that I am not the owner, that God is the owner, God is the pilot.  I am just the co-pilot.  My job is to show up and to be faithful and to do good work.  As long as you do that, that’s business.

Maybe it does look like, particular marketing initiatives, there’s definitely a human responsibility element or else I wouldn’t be in the marketing business.  I think that when a company brings me in, I have a lot to offer.  At the same time just realizing that this is the Lord’s business.  Honestly, for as long as I am treating it like that, I could not tell you how much of a stress reliever that is.  How freeing that is from anxiety to just realize that it doesn’t depend on me.  Whatever God’s will is, it’s going to happen and God is the pilot of this business, I’m just along for the ride and managing it well so that he would be proud.  That is the idea.  Stewarding what God gives.

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This is a really short episode, but I think this is the most important thing in business especially if you are a Christian, is just to realize, I mean practically, I mean in your decisions, in your prayer time, just remembering and just constantly giving the business to God.  Remembering that it’s God’s business, it’s in his hands, you must treat it well and I believe that you’ll be rewarded for those efforts.

God bless you.  That’s all I have for you today.  I hope you can take this and you can use this idea to really grow your business and to do meaningful things with your business and just to remember that it’s all on him.  If you’re struggling, if you’re fighting, if things aren’t working out, maybe you’re just holding on too tightly.  Maybe you love it too much, maybe it’s gripping you, it’s overtaking you, just give it to God.  For real.  Give the business to God and watch what happens.


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