What you focus on will grow

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Want a particular result in your life? I don’t care what it is, here’s the secret to getting it.

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What you focus on will grow.  This is something I learned a long time ago.

I first heard it from Cliff Ravenscraft, who was a big podcast guru back in the day and then he became more along the lines of a life coach.  He’s good at what he does.  This is just one of the concepts that he talked about.

As I was into personal development and things like that, I found another source that goes much further back than Ravenscraft and maybe this is where he heard it, but it was from Earl Nightingale.  What Earl Nightingale used to teach was basically that you are, whatever it is that you are going to focus on and put into your mind, into your attention, that that is the thing that will produce the most results for you.  There’s an audio of this you can go back and listen to called The Strangest Secret.  That is basically the point.

There are some things I disagree with on that, some things I do agree with.  The point is that when you give focused attention to something, that thing has no choice but to grow, but to, in a sense, manifest.  There is nothing magical about this.  That’s the thing.  I’m not meaning to be magical.  I just mean whatever it is your paying attention to is going to grow and manifest in your life.  What is a practical example of this?

In my business, one of the things I’m focusing on is this podcast.  So here I am doing this podcast.  You’re listening to this podcast right now, hopefully.  The reality is if I wasn’t doing this podcast, if I wasn’t giving focused attention and time toward creating this podcast and making this podcast be the very best it could be, then it would not grow.  Nobody would listen to a podcast that I wasn’t producing.  Is that true or not?  By just producing the thing, by putting the thing out there into the world and focusing on it, focused attention over time, it’s going to grow.  I think that’s the only example really that I need to use in order to show that this is effective.  Let me give one more.

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This is the example that Cliff Ravenscraft, who I first learned the concept from, used in his mind.  He has always had a dream to buy a Volkswagen Beetle.  He never did it though.  That dream never came to fruition until he had a friend who sent him a model of a Volkswagen Beetle that sat on his desk and he looked at that thing day after day.  And do you know what he did?  He figured out how to go buy a Volkswagen Beetle because it was there.  He focused on it.  He wanted it.

Again, there’s nothing magical.  We’re talking about real world stuff.  This is not woo woo.  This thing is in front of me and I’m going to pay it attention.  Those things that need to be focused on, those things that you desire to grow, pay them attention.  Focus on them.  Do them.  Put them into your daily routine every day, somehow.  You will find that that thing grows.  Not by magic but by focused attention.  Low and behold those things that you don’t give focused attention to, they will not happen.

Sean Cannell is a You Tube influencer.  One of the things that he likes to say is, “it’s amazing.  My You Tube channel never got any traction until I started putting videos out.”  Isn’t that something.  How you can watch other people’s videos and you can dream about getting to do the thing and yet if you’re not doing it, you’re just magically expecting yourself to have those results, but you’re not doing what it takes to get those results.  So what you focus on will grow.  If you want something to grow, actually focus on it.  I have made this mistake so many times in my life, and I’m telling you, this is the secret.  Focus on it, it will grow.

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God bless you and we’ll see you in the next episode of the Faith-Full Business Podcast.


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