What Will Your Business Do if You Get Hit by a Bus?

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Does your business NEED you around to run it? What if you get hit by a bus?! Or, what if you just want to take a vacation?

Full Transcript:

One of the age old questions of business is what happens if you get hit by a bus.  What happens?  What happens to your customers?  What happens to your clients?  Is there a plan for continuing your business?  Can your business survive without you?

This is a question that’s a good question to answer, but I think it’s a good question to answer beyond just preparing for potential death.  Frankly, that sounds pretty morbid, but it’s a good question.  In your business, can somebody pick up where you left off?

I’m thinking of a situation right now where one of my clients has the opportunity to take over a business of a guy who, again, just recently passed away.  It’s like, do you have that set up?  Do you have things ready to go?  Do you have a plan there for when that happens?  Especially if you’re a solopreneur.

As Christians what we want to be doing is to be sure we’re serving people well and being faithful to what they, when they transacted with us, when they did business with us, they trusted us.  Our customers, our clients trusted us to get them a result.  Of course, there are unforeseen circumstances, but again I want you to look beyond that.  I want you to look to how can you serve them right now in such a way that doesn’t necessarily require your presence and thereby giving them greater value because they are getting to interact with more than just you.  You actually give them greater mental input because you’re including you and other people in the mix.

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So what I’m getting to here is that is it time to look at starting to do some outsourcing?  Do you need to get a VA?  In your business do you need to have somebody else to help provide that customer service so that you can actually take a break.  You can actually take a vacation.  You can see work being done that you are not directly doing.  Can you imagine that?

A big misconception that people have when people have when they get into business they think that it’s going to be like that but it’s not. When you get into business for yourself you’re doing more work than ever because now you’re doing the sales, you’re doing the delivery, you’re doing the customer support, and everything else in between.  What you want to do is start to build a team.

I would encourage you to go back to the episode we did on ACDC:  attract, convert, deliver, collect.  That’s the framework developed by Mike Michalowicz that seems to work really well for how to think about running a business.  When it comes to outsourcing, what things can you use the T3 method, that’s another podcast we just recorded recently, Trash, Transfer, Trim.  What things can you start to offload to other people by trashing them from your to do list, trimming them on your to do list or transferring them to someone else within those four phases of business:  attract, convert, deliver, collect.  Those are true for any business.  Where do you need to find people and plug them in in order for the business to run like clockwork with or without your direct involvement and that will answer that question as well.  What will your business do if you get hit by a bus.  How will you continue to serve your clients and customers, this is how, by building a clockwork business.  I hope this helps you.

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Take care and we’ll see you in the next episode.


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