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Why watching what people are doing is more important than listening to what they say.

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When you’re into entrepreneurship and business development as I am sure many of you are, I know I certainly am, you are inundated with people who have an opinion about the way things should be.

I realize that I have a podcast so I am sharing about things that I think should be a certain way based on my personal experience.  If I may digress real quick, that’s one of the things that I think is valuable about this podcast and other podcasts that take this same approach is that I really try to ground what I share with you in real things that have actually happened.  These are not theoretical things.  I’m not putting on a show.  I’m not trying to lie or embellish about where I am in business and in life.  This is just real talk.  There are many of you who are probably light years ahead of me who are listening and just because, maybe you find value in something that I shared along the way.

Many others of you, I would probably say the majority of you, maybe it’s something where I’m just on the next page of the book, you’re on page 13, I’m on page 14.  Something like that.  I’m one chapter ahead of you.  I’m one page ahead right now and maybe many of you are 1, 2, 3 or 4 chapters ahead of me.  That doesn’t matter.  The point is that at least what I’m trying to share here are things that are grounded in reality, not in theory.  But so much of what is out there, especially the more, I’m going to use a technical term here, didactic, the things are more instructional teaching in nature.  So many of those things are not grounded in reality, but in theory.  They are grounded in something that was learned from somebody else, so we’re just passing on the learning without actually passing on any more experience.  Do you see where there’s a potential issue there?

What’s really interesting is that many times when people are sharing with you, what they tend to do is share things that are different from the things they are actually doing.  Now, there’s a qualified way in which this can be okay, meaning a lot of times you have people who are teaching that have been doing something for like 15 years, but they are teaching beginners.  And so, if you watch what they are doing, you’re not going to be successful because they are at a different level of their business.  Instead they are teaching and they are telling you to different things.  The thing about it is, this is rare that something that you do 15 years in is not going to work for somebody who’s just starting out.


In general, these are all good things, but the teachers who do this, the ones that I am thinking of in particular are good about mentioning it.  They are good about saying watch what I say, not what I do, because this is why, and they will explain their reasoning.  For the most part people are saying things that they are just regurgitating and telling other people but they’re not actually telling you what they’re doing.  I’m not sure why that is, but that’s how it can be sometimes and maybe you feel the same way.  My exertation for you today is simply for you to watch the magician work.

The magician in the most literal sense is trying to trick you.  The magician has a goal and that is to distract you from what’s really happening.  I don’t want to put motives in the mouths of people, certainly, I don’t.  My pastor has a saying that a lot of times if you are giving your opinion about what somebody else’s motive is, all you are really doing is revealing what your motive would be if you were in that case.  The God’s honest truth here, that’s not the case.  I’m really trying in doing this to guard against that thinking here.  In this case, what we’re doing is we’re looking at a meaningful difference between what somebody says and what somebody does.  I think it’s more important for your business, in most cases, to watch the magician work, to see what the magician is doing and to follow suit.

This is really helpful in marketing stuff and in business stuff.  What have they actually done?  Not what are they saying.  What have they actually done?  What is the way in which they have done it?  Let’s be practical.  What do their Facebook  ads look like?  What do their email communications look like?  What does their website look like?  What things, if you look at their website, are important to them?  These are the kind of things that if you really want to learn from a person, watching what they do can be more helpful than watching what they say.

This is actually one reason why I haven’t done this yet, but I’m really thinking about on my You Tube channel going in and having live opportunities for people to watch me build a website.  Of course, the website owner would have to be okay with that, and so there might be some kind of permission and things that would have to happen there but for the most part I think it would be okay with many people.  Actually, it’s just good marketing for people to be able to see that kind of thing.  Watching the magician work.

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So if you were watching me design a website, you would get an idea for the way I think, the way that I make decisions for the way that I get inspired throughout a process.  The way that inspiration happens, the design decisions happen, that copyrighting decisions happen.  So watching the magician work can be so valuable.  In fact, I think it could be a lot more valuable than just merely what they say during instructional moments.

Test it, in your own life, in the things that you’re learning, test it with me.  Am I being consistent?  Am I doing what I’m telling you?  I think if I am hitting my goal for this podcast, then yes, I am, because that’s the whole point.  The whole point is that I am simply telling you about things that I’m learning.  So we’re sort of learning together and doing our life together, which is really special.  I’m blessed to be living at a time in which I can even do this.

This is a rabbit trail here, but I’m going to go there for a minute.  It’s really something we can take for granted the abilities that we have to be able to reach the world.  You can, literally in five minutes, to go and set up an account and hit the record button.  Literally in five minutes you can be up and running with a podcast that has the potential to reach millions of people.  We’ve never lived in a time like this.  It’s really incredible.  Am I reaching millions of people with this podcast?  No, not yet.  But I’ve reached thousands.  How cool is that?  Even if you’ve only reached hundreds.  How cool is that?  It’s amazing.  I digress.  Watch the magician work.

The liability of what I just said is that everybody can have a podcast.  So everybody has an opinion.  How well do the opinions line up with what the people are doing?  That’s a really good way to see if someone is genuine.  It’s also a really good way to tell if their advice is meaningful and has real application to your life.

God bless you.  Thank you for being a listener to the Faith-Full Business Podcast and we’ll see you in the next episode.


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