The power of understanding

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Feeling defeated or confused about something? So often in life and business, I find that my fear, confusion, and other negative feelings stem from simply failing to understand something.

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I remember when, as a young web designer, I first encountered websites that had something on them that I now know are called advanced custom fields.

When I first saw these, I understood at a very minimal level, what was going on.  But I didn’t understand the inner workings of it and for some reason it always scared me.  We’re going to get a little bit technical for just a minute, but hopefully you’ll hang on with me and you will see the business lesson here as well.

With a custom field, everything in WordPress, which is a tool for building websites, it’s called a content management system, everything in WordPress is done with what is called custom fields, or the technical term is meta boxes.  For the most part everything in WordPress in terms of managing the content is handled with these.  The idea is that you can enter information on the back end of the website and it will be displayed properly on the front end of the website when the proper coding is done to make that display happen.  Custom fields basically those are the way to input any sort of content into WordPress.  There is a plug in for WordPress that you can buy to enhance the features of WordPress called advanced custom fields.  What this lets you do is tap into the power of custom fields and actually create your own.  It kind’ve allows you to plug right into the development side of things with WordPress to where you can go in and make custom fields for people.

A really good example of something you could do with this is for a realtor.  So let’s say that a realtor wants me to build them a website, in this case maybe it’s a smaller one, or they don’t have a national directory that they can plug into, they need to be able to place listings on their website quickly and take listings down quickly.  Custom fields are a perfect way that we can build such a solution, where we can go in and make it to where you can add new homes as they become available and put in certain bits of information.  On the back end it’s like filling out a form, but on the front end it displays beautifully on the website.  That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about.  For so long I didn’t use these.  I used other methods of making this kind of thing work that works sometimes a little more convoluted because I just didn’t understand custom fields.  I’m just being honest.  I didn’t really grasp it and I didn’t take the time to learn it.

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The end of last year I joined a web design club that I am just a huge fan of.  I’ve had a great time in there so far.  Some of you listening probably belong to that club.  We have a member in there, his name is Christian, and he did a wonderful training on advanced custom fields.  When I saw that and then I started to dig into it for myself for some of my projects, I was like, oh man, this is so powerful.  I get it, it’s approachable, it’s actually not as hard as I thought, and there it is.  Am I great at it?  No.  I’ve worked with it a little bit.  I’m still at the point where if I really needed to do it well on a project, I would still probably hire Christian or another colleague to help actually with that.  Shout out to my brother, Jacob, who has helped me with some things like this before as well.  I am just super excited about the possibilities that this gives now that I understand what is going on.  All it took was understanding.

That’s the lesson of this episode, the power of understanding, of being willing to learn and to be teachable.

There’s a biblical corollary as well.  Jesus used to go into the temple and learn from others and also taught others.  He was a rabbi. He was a teacher.  In fact, at 12 years old he was shocking people with his teaching.  He understood that people no situation was outside of his purview.  Yes, he’s God, of course, but there is a theology there that we don’t have time to get into.  He was also man.  He was 100% God, but he was 100% man.  Jesus had to deal with many of the limitations that mankind has, and yet, because he was the perfect human, he was the perfect representation of mankind, he sought to understand.  Ultimately, that’s one of the most important things about being a Christian, understanding that God sits up on some ethereal throne and the rest of the world happens down here.  No, God became one of us.  God understands.  There is no situation you can go through in your life that God doesn’t understand.  You realize that.  He understands the pain of losing a child, because he sacrificed his own son on the cross for the sins of you and I.

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So when it comes to understanding, that’s one of the greatest things about our Christian worldview.  So as a Faith-Full Business owner, we can certainly apply those same kinds of principles.  If God sought to understand us, now of course he made us, he knew us, he fashioned us, I’m not saying that.  But seriously, if God is an understanding God, shouldn’t we be understanding people as well.  He’s an understanding creator, we should be understanding as well.  I really do think there’s an important parallel there.  There’s power in understanding something.  Don’t be dismissive.

If there’s something that you don’t understand right now in your life, but you feel like it might be important, just dive into it a little bit.  You might actually find out that it’s more approachable than you originally thought.

I hope that helps you.  Again, I know it was a little bit out there today, but maybe there’s something in your life that you can apply this to, something that you’re afraid of tackling, or you think it’s going to be difficult.  I would try it.  I would dive in and try to learn.  It may be less difficult than you actually think.

Thank you for listening to the Faith-Full Business podcast.  We’ll see you in the next episode.


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