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This “simple system” will help you TREMENDOUSLY when it comes to leading people, even if you’ve never managed anyone before.

Full Transcript:

The next simple system that I have been beginning to use, I say beginning to use because it’s pretty new to me still, is Ken Blanchard’s The One Minute Manager.  This is a book that came out like 30 years ago, so it’s been around for awhile.  It’s a leadership parable type of book, so it’s one of those books that doesn’t teach directly, you should do this, but it teaches from the standpoint of a third party doing a conversation and talking about this theoretical person, the one minute manager.  Specifically, I was reading The New One Minute Manager, which is an updated version of this book, that is updated for more of the way that things are handled in this day and age.  In the book, it’s a super simple system.  The book is just over 100 pages, it’s between 100 and 200.  It talks about 3 essential secrets of The New One Minute Manager.  They are, one minute goals, one minute praisings and one minute redirects.  So let’s go through each of these briefly.

One Minute Goal.  The idea here is that in the first 30 seconds and the second 30 seconds, essentially, of the “minute”, you are essentially going to do something to create this process or to create change in the people whom you are leading.  With one minute goals, the idea is to take time to set, in this case, the one minute goal, everything happens in the minute, it’s not split between the two 30 seconds, but the idea is to write down a goal for your employees.  You come up with this goal together with those you are responsible for leading.  The idea is that it takes no longer than one minute to read the goal.  So it shouldn’t take any more than a page, and it shouldn’t take any more than a minute.  And of course as you read the book there are some guidelines around this just in terms of making it a really accessible goal.  The goal should be something that is attainable.  The idea is if you were bowling, or playing some sort of sport, and you had no way to measure what success looked liked, you’d be pretty frustrated bowling. People have fun bowling because it’s so easy to tell them that what they need to do is knock down the 10 pins.  They focus on knocking them down and they can see when they have hit the target.  If you’re not setting any goals, then you never really know what the target is.  You do need to set goals and the goals should be short and specific and they should not take any more than one minute to review, and they should be reviewed each day.

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One Minute Praisings.  The idea is in the first 30 seconds to identify where good work has been done.  Instead of the typical manager thing where you’re trying to catch people being bad, instead the idea is to catch people being good.  So you catch them being good in the first 30 seconds and you praise them and then the next 30 seconds is just an admonition to continue along those same paths, to encourage them to continue looking for opportunities to succeed in that particular area.

One Minute Redirect.  This is where in the first 30 seconds, let’s say a goal has not been met, or a particular objective or an assignment, it didn’t work out how you thought it should have worked out, in the first 30 seconds you’re simply going to reckon that.  In other words, you’re going to agree together with the person that you’re leading, that ok, well obviously this milestone wasn’t hit, this target didn’t get hit, let’s recognize that, let’s understand that, hopefully we can do better next time, and here are some steps for improvement.  And then the second 30 seconds is just a recommitment to them as a person and to them as a worker saying, look, I understand this one little thing is not a reflection on your overall capacity to work, you do a wonderful job and continue doing that.  We’re redirecting them because we want to encourage them, not to discourage them.  Yes, the mark might have been missed, but now we want to redirect them and we want to reaffirm our commitment to them and to their development as a professional.

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I would highly recommend you read this book.  Again, it’s The New One Minute Manager.  Give it a read.  It’s super helpful as you are leading people to give you just a simple framework.  People really complicate leadership and this book just makes it so simple.  If you can hit these 3 marks with the people you are leading, you will see success and you will see growth and development, and you will even see them develop into one minute managers themselves.

God bless you, I hope this has been helpful for you.  By the way, a little tip there, The One Minute Manager was written by Ken Blanchard who runs an organization now called Lead Like Jesus.  He has another book Lead Like Jesus I haven’t read yet but you might want to check it out.  He affirmed his commitment to Christ in the late 90’s and has been working along those lines ever since.  These are solid, sound leadership principles and I highly encourage you to check the book out.


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