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Are you trying to do business without first dealing with the business of prayer? In this episode, I share my own struggle with cultivating a consistent prayer life. I hope it helps you!

Full Transcript:

About a month ago I talked about something that I have started doing in my life called the Rule of Life.

There’s an aspect to it that I feel is, maybe the most important aspect of it, that I wanted to highlight here.  That is simply the business of prayer.  More than whatever business you are in, you need to be in the business of prayer.

I was talking with the assistant pastor of the church that we attend, talking a little bit about this.  I was just confessing to him my struggle with prayer.  I really do have a hard time with prayer, at least I used to.  I think I’m seeing benefits of this rule of life idea and it’s really helping, but I used to really struggle with prayer.  He has a similar story.

He used to really struggle with prayer as well.  In fact to the point, he came from a very logical and rationalistic sort of background, wasn’t really into the supernatural stuff.  Suddenly Jesus got ahold of his heart, but practically he was trying to figure out what am I doing here.  How do I pray to an invisible being?  So he would set up a chair just to make it more tangible for him.  And so he had a way to relate.

I was talking with him and what I shared with him was it’s crazy to think that so many of us don’t have a good routine of prayer, a structured prayer routine in our lives.  Because there’s nothing more significant that you can do as a human being than access the creator of the universe through prayer.  We can speak directly to the very person who fashioned our souls and who fashioned the world that we live in.  It’s a pretty incredible thing, if you think about it.  It’s interesting that so many of us struggle with prayer, and without getting too awful spiritual here, I really do think it’s a function of the powers of darkness, not that we don’t access God through prayer as much as we should.

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Any of these devices, any of these priorities, anything that comes into our lives that takes the place of this is something that is working against our spiritual life.  I hope you realize your business is included in that.  My business is included in that.

I used to think that the first thing I did when I wake up, hop on the business stuff, because I’m the best in the morning, that’s when my brain works best, it’s the clearest, I can do the best work then, and that is true.  But if it acts and serves as a distraction from speaking to the creator of my soul then something is wrong, something is out of line.  That is really the simple point that I am wanting to make in this episode.  The business of prayer.

There is no more important business than the business of prayer.  There is a quote, I can’t remember it, I’m going to mess it up, but it’s something along the lines of “when you pray, you are moving the arm that fashioned the world.” Or something like that.  I wish I could remember the quote.  The point is that you have access to God.  The all powerful creator of everything through prayer.  And so if you are doing anything in your life, anything in your business, without taking time to access God, then your priorities are wrong.  By the way, I’m preaching and speaking to myself here.  This is something that I have been dealing with and have really been trying to get right.  Again, because I’m struggling with it and going through it I wanted to bring you along for the journey.

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Let me know if you have similar struggles, if you feel like this is something that is difficult for you as well.  It’s so easy for good things.  My business, by the way every aspect of my business, I appreciate to be a good thing.  I’m not ashamed of my business.  It’s a good thing.  It’s a very spiritual thing.  Work is a very spiritual thing.  But if prayer comes after it, then my priorities are wrong and if the same is true for you, then your priorities are wrong as well, and you need to get that figured out.

God bless.  We’ll see you in the next episode.


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