The Amazing Power of Relationship Marketing

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Did you know that you already know everyone you need to know in order to get what you need and want?

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Relationship marketing is a powerful and often overlooked aspect of business that I think is just so important for us Christian business owners.  It’s clear that this game of life, this game even of business, is about people.

We recently had on G. Michael Price talking about his book, Chase People, Not  Money and I just really loved his thinking and his philosophy around this.  It just strikes me as something that’s so obvious when it comes to relationship marketing, building relationships with people and using the power of the people who you already know in order to make things happen.

I recently read a book called Who, by Bob Bodine, and it’s a great book.  It basically just talks about the fact that you already know everyone who you need to know in order to do whatever you want to do.  Is it grow a business?  Is it get a job at a particular employer somewhere, etc.  Most people, and Linked In has really helped expose this, are within a few degrees of connection to the people that they really need to be in order to get things like this done.  So you don’t have to be, you don’t even have to go the whole build a massive following online, you don’t have to do any of that.  If you’re better at personal one to one connection, you can start connecting with people.

I recently took a foray a little bit into this for myself by visiting a BNI group.  I haven’t decided for sure whether or not I’m going to follow through and become a member, but it’s Business Networking International.  Their group is meant to help business owners give each other referral business in a local area.  It’s really cool.  It’s a way to build up a relationship with a specific number of people whom you have a loyalty to.  You are able to connect with them and grow your businesses together through the power of referrals.

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Relationship marketing.  Building relationships with people.  There are multiple ways to do this.  You could build a relationship through a video, or a podcast, or a blog.  You could build a relationship that way with folks.  It’s a little bit different kind of relationship marketing, but you could do what doesn’t scale and reach out to people individually and make connection with them there even through those methods as well.

For example, maybe you put out a blog.  On that blog you have the lead magnet so that you have somebody coming in and giving their email address in exchange for something that you want to give them of value.  Say, it’s a pdf or an email course or a video course or something like that.  A lot of times you’re going to do email marketing as a mass level or it’s individualized in the sense that using certain tools you can actually send prewritten emails in a particular sequence to these people and follow up with them.  But you could send manual emails or you could collect a phone number when they download things and you could give them a call and prospect them and start to build a relationship with them in your business.

Don’t neglect the power of your relationships.  The relationships that you already have and the power of creating new relationships through some of these newer mediums like, again, blogging, podcasting, videos and things like that.  Any time you can create that connection, you move things to the next level and that really is the power of relationship marketing.




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