Thank God for Work!

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Some Labor Day reflections on the goodness of God and the goodness of work.

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Hey everybody.  I hope you guys are doing well today.  It’s Labor Day in the United States of America and on this Labor Day I just wanted to give you some quick reflections here while I’m driving.  My title idea for this episode is Thank God for Work.  It’s such a pleasure and such a blessing to be able to have a business.  How cool is it that we live in a time, we live in a society where if you want to have a business, you can hang out your shingle and just get started and provide for your family.  I just think it’s amazing.  You don’t even have to work for anybody else if you don’t want to.  You can, but you don’t have to.  Because no matter what, everything you do, all of your work, is to the glory of God.

The other day in our men’s small group I was teaching a class.  I was teaching on Exodus 31 and the story of Bezaliel and Aholiath.  These two men were basically given a special calling from God to do a particular work.  And the work was to build the tabernacle and the priestly garments, they were putting some of those together.  And some of the different embellishments and things for the tabernacle.  They were supernaturally gifted and given a job to do for the Lord at a time that was necessary.  I expressed during the teaching my gripe with how a lot of times Christians, especially pop culture Christianity, thinks about the word calling.  What we’ll do is we’ll say that we’re in this church for our specific calling from God or we feel called to do a specific work or a specific kind of job and then whatever job situation we’re currently in, maybe we don’t feel called to that.  I expressed a gripe in that I know what people mean when they’re saying that.  However, there is a danger in overspiritualizing a particular kind of work.  If you survey the word calling, how it is used in the New Testament, it is used in 4 or 5 different specific ways, but none of those ways have to do with being called for every person who is not the normative believer’s experience that they will be called to a particular line of work, or a particular thing they are supposed to do with their lives.  You do see supernatural callings in different places in the New Testament, but the overwhelming used case of the word calling in the New Testament outside of the standard, hey come over here, that kind of calling, that kind of things that the apostles called to somebody ad that kind of thing.  You see that in the New Testament.  Otherwise, the idea of calling is always called spiritually to sonship, to being in Christ.  To being saved.  To spending eternity, to be called, to be conformed to the image of God’s son, Jesus.  In that sense, everything you do, everything in life, is spiritual.  Everything, frankly, is your calling.

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What I want you to do, if I had some encouragement for you today, as we’re thanking God for the ability to work, work is a good thing, work was instituted before the fall of man, we ought to be working.  What I want you to think about is whatever you’re doing today, maybe it’s not your highest ambition.  I remember when I was doing IT work fulltime, it was not my highest ambition.  My highest ambition was to do this web design work.  It was my desire, it was my heart.  But I was still called to doing the best work I possibly could when I was working in IT.  Sometimes I failed at that.  I’ll admit that.  I failed at that a lot of times because my heart was so set on doing what I’m doing now.  I obviously don’t regret that decision.  I’m super excited to be where I’m at now.  But I do wish that I had treated the job that I was doing before as more sacred than I did.  Because it was just as sacred as what I’m doing now.  If you’re a Christian, you are called to be conformed to the image of Jesus.  That’s your calling.  Everything in life you do is your calling.  These people in Exodus 31, Bezaliel and Aholiath, they were given the holy spirit for this particular task.  They were given a calling for this particular task.  But my friends, believers in Christ, you have been given the spirit because you’re a believer in Christ.  That happened day 1.  You have the holy spirit.  You have a calling on your life.  So take it.  Use it, exercise it.  Put it in place for the Lord.  Start today.  Stop searching for the calling today and start living from the calling that you have.  That would be my advice to you.  I would so highly encourage you to do that starting right now.

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Stop looking, stop searching and start doing.  Thank God for Work.  It’s good to be able to do work for the Lord as unto the Lord and seeing his blessing on it.  I’m just so thankful for what he’s done so far in my life and in my business.  I’m thankful for what he’s done in your life and in your business and I can’t wait to see what else he’s gonna do.

God bless you.


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