Stop marketing to me! (Says the foolish entrepreneur)

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Don’t be a marketer that doesn’t want to be marketed to.

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Don’t you just hate getting those emails from all of those sleazy marketers who just want to seem to get you to buy the next thing?  Wait a minute, I’m talking about some of us, our type. It’s really interesting, and I find myself caught up in this too sometimes, it can be really easy to take for granted the process of marketing and other people marketing to us. We can take some cues from that. It’s interesting that when we look back at the way that we have been marketed to, we really can look at those things and look at those warning signs, those things that we don’t like, that we don’t appreciate, and we can use those to craft our own marketing message and to craft a message that is one of value first, that gives before it takes, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.

I heard a podcaster one time talking about this and it really struck a nerve with me because it’s something that I never really thought about before. And yet it really made an impact on me after I gave it some consideration. Before we really get on our high horse and say, “Oh, I wish they would stop marketing to me”, we should realize as entrepreneurs that every time we’re marketed to, we’re given an opportunity to think about the way that another person has thought about an offer, to think about the way that another person has framed, their value has framed their product, has given thought to a target market and taken a risk. We should, if nothing else, admire that risk that they took because it’s the same risk that you and I take every day.

Ultimately, we do marketing, we have to, we’re entrepreneurs. We want people to buy our thing, because ultimately we think it’s the best thing for them. I think that is why I don’t have a problem. I’ll just tell you this quick story. So I have a client who I’m working with right now and she’s really great. I’d say her name, but I don’t want to embarrass her just in case she listens. We were talking and she was like, you could tell that she had some concern about sounding too markety and too salesy and things like that. And I understand that. By the way, for the record, let me just throw out this recommendation, shout out to Nikki Rausch, with the Sales Maven podcast. Now her podcast is directed towards women, that’s her target market. I’m not a woman, but I really appreciate her. And her approach is just so wonderful, her attitude and her demeanor. And just everything she says is so value packed. I mean, she is a sales wiz, and yet she’s so approachable. She’s kind of one of those people that you love being sold by her, and converted by her because it just feels so authentic, so genuine. So I get that and understand that. But the other side of the coin is that if you have something to offer, especially in a market where, let’s say it’s weight loss or fitness, these are tough markets to get into because everybody has a new product every day.

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It can be really hard to get people to take action in those fields because of the amount of overwhelm that you have. So it does actually require a little bit of a harder marketing push than it requires on some other kinds of things, it just does by nature. The reality is that people are not prone to take action. People are prone to procrastination, so it really can take an intense marketing message sometimes to get people to be moved to action. So I don’t want you to be afraid of that. The only reason you should fear coming across as salesy is if you are being slimy, right? If you’re not actually offering something that you’d put your name on, that it’s the best product, if you’re in business for the sake of business itself, I’m cool with you playing the game.

But at the same time, we want to be ethical. We want to be moral, especially as Christian entrepreneurs, we want people really to feel, and we want to genuinely have this position, that what we have to offer them is the very best that we could possibly do for them, and also for the Lord, for ourselves and for our families. Why would we put out anything less than the best? And so I just want to encourage you with that today. Rather than being upset when other people market to you, slow down, take it in, pay attention, realize that you have been given a tremendous opportunity to learn what to do and to learn what not to do. I’m not an advocate for having an overwhelmed email inbox, that’s for sure. I think you should start pruning your email inbox immediately. There’s no reason for you to spend tons of time there. But at the same time, take those things in every now and then go through them. Look at them, look at the headlines. Look at the offers. Look at the way things are structured. Look at the presentations. Is it a podcast? Is it a webinar? Is it an email sequence? Slow down, take it in, realize the value and the privilege of having somebody else market to you and learn from that, whether you learn what to do or what not to do.

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Thank you so much for listening to this episode of the Faith-Full Business podcast. It’s been my pleasure again, and we will see you in the next one.


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