Sell ONLY What You Can Control?

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Question: Do you sell a deliverable or a result?

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I want to have a real talk moment here about what you should be selling when it comes to products or when it comes to services.

There’s a lot of misconception around the idea of results.  I especially work in the marketing world and so there’s a big push to sell based on the results that you get for somebody.  In your business, whatever it is, are you selling based on results or deliverables.  Really that’s the game.  Results or deliverables, which one is it.  I’ve gone back and forth on this and different services that I offer, and really what I’m trying to get you to do here is just think.  Just open your mind a little bit and think about this in your own life and in your own business.  The premise here is sell only what you can control.  What about this?  What if the only thing you sold were things you had control over so that you didn’t get into a situation where you were purporting to guarantee some kind of results or somebody thought that they were going to get some sort of results from the work that you did and that did not come to pass.  This may or may not be good advice.  I think it really depends on what you have.

I’m actually interested to know from you, do you sell based on what you can control or do you sell based on the results.  Is it deliverable or is it results?  I would just be interested to hear from you on that.  Short podcast today.  I’m really raising a question more than giving you a statement here or something very useful.  I would just like to know in your business do you find it works better to sell a deliverable, to sell an actual product or does it work better to sell results.

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For a while in the web industry there was a push to productize things and that’s basically how I structure my business.  My business is very productized around a membership model.  And so that’s how I deliver things.  But you might not want to deliver that way.  You might want to do value based pricing and deliver based on the potential results that you could get for somebody else in whatever sort of business that you have.  I’m just interested to know what your thoughts are on that and if you want to, you can reach out to me directly  I’d love to hear if you thought about that any in your business and maybe I can share that out with everybody, maybe read some responses on a future podcast episode of what you guys thought about that.

God bless.  Take care.  Do you sell what you can control or do you sell based on the results.  I would love to know.


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