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The business of prayer…

Are you trying to do business without first dealing with the business of prayer? In this episode, I share my own struggle with cultivating a consistent prayer life. I hope it helps you! Full Transcript: About a month ago I talked about something that I have started...

On Taking Responsibility

Lessons learned from recent decisions made at Basecamp. Full Transcript: In our businesses, one of the most Christian things that we can do is to take responsibility for our actions.  I think most people would argue that this is just a good human thing to do, and it...

The extra mile of excellence

EVERYTHING is marketing. Including your product delivery. Do you do EXCELLENT work? Full Transcript: I have a saying that everything is marketing.  From the very first contact that somebody sees, if it’s an ad, if it’s a blog post, whatever, to the customer service...

The Rule of Life

Do you feel like it's hard to get in a routine of worship and spiritual growth? I do! But I've recently learned of an ancient Christian spiritual practice that is really helping me in all aspects of my life and business. Perhaps it will help you too. Full Transcript:...

4 Aspects of the Educator Identity

A few weeks ago we talked about the "Educator Identity." In a talk I heard over a year ago now, there was an excellent 4-part description given of a good educator. I'd like to share them with you in this episode. Full Transcript: A few weeks ago we looked at something...

Watch the magician work

Why watching what people are doing is more important than listening to what they say. Full Transcript: When you’re into entrepreneurship and business development as I am sure many of you are, I know I certainly am, you are inundated with people who have an opinion...

Christian entrepreneurs will change the world.

Think I’m crazy? Well, you wouldn’t be the first ?

I have this idea that there is a coming renaissance of Christian entrepreneurship, in a day and time where we are witnessing unprecedented censorship of Christian and conservative voices.

There is no need to fear. There is no need to back down. This may shock you, but people are so divided that one of the hardest ways to reach people is through the lens of public Christian ministry. 

Every day, I speak with Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders who tell me that their impact for Christ has skyrocketed since becoming a faith-full business owner. My mission is to expose you to their work and show you the new way to do business. 

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