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Christian Business is the New Ministry

What if I told you that you could have a MUCH bigger impact in the world for Christ by owning a business than with traditional ministry opportunities? Full Transcript: In recent days, I have been having some fantastic conversations with Christian business leaders. ...


Do you struggle with project management? Kanban to the rescue! This system has helped companies of every size improves their processes and deliver products and services with ease and efficiency. As a project manager, I love it! Here's how to use it for your business....

The 4D Mix

The 4DM helps you audit your time to figure out whether you're actually growing and running your business, or simply working as another technician. Full Transcript: So this week’s simple system, just like last week’s, comes from a book called Clockwork by Mike...

How to Start and Grow a Christian Coffee Shop

There’s nothing like the “sweet-smelling savor” of a Christian coffee shop. (Leviticus 2:12…Christian humor…Okay, maybe not.) Fact is: if you’re reading this post, you probably LOVE God and coffee. Which means you’re okay in my book. 😉 If you feel inspired to start...


ACDC is a business process that helps you identify what phase of your business needs to be fixed. It stands for: Attract Convert Deliver Collect Enjoy! Full Transcript: If you remember, we are right in the middle of a series going through the simple systems that I...

Christian entrepreneurs will change the world.

Think I’m crazy? Well, you wouldn’t be the first ?

I have this idea that there is a coming renaissance of Christian entrepreneurship, in a day and time where we are witnessing unprecedented censorship of Christian and conservative voices.

There is no need to fear. There is no need to back down. This may shock you, but people are so divided that one of the hardest ways to reach people is through the lens of public Christian ministry. 

Every day, I speak with Christian entrepreneurs and business leaders who tell me that their impact for Christ has skyrocketed since becoming a faith-full business owner. My mission is to expose you to their work and show you the new way to do business. 

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