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Are you serving your customers the very best you can?

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In the world of online business and entrepreneurship, there is probably nothing more pressing for people than the question of how do I get clients?  How do I get customers?  I come from the web design world and so this is certainly a prevalent question in the web design world.  No matter what kind of business you are doing, we have helped multiple kinds of businesses, be it product businesses or service businesses.  The question is always more, more, more.  How do I get more of what I currently have?

Of course I have been there as well.  In some cases  I’m still there.  In order to make this goal, or meet this thing, I’m going to need more.  If you have a membership, its I’m going to need more members.  If you have a client services business, it you’re going to need more clients.  If you’re doing e-commerce, it’s I’m going to need more customers.  The problem with this mindset is that more, more, more is usually just a dead end.  It’s not a helpful mindset because what ends up happening is you don’t give focus to the people who have already said yes.

The lesson for today is simply to lean into your current customers.  Lean into those people who are in your roster already.  They are people you are already doing business for and people you are already doing business with.  There is even lots of research around this that actually says it is easier, what you’re trying to do is make money, we’re in business.  It’s actually, you’re way more likely, I’m not sure of the percentage right off so I’m not going to make it up off the top of my head, you’re actually far more likely though to make money from people that have already said yes in some capacity to you.  Then you are to go out and try to acquire a new customer.  The second is less profitable.  So, lean in to your current customers.  What are you doing now that you could do more of for your current clients or customers?  Is there another step in the journey that you could take them on?  Sometimes I like to talk about the concept of a value ladder.  That is essentially the different sorts of things that you offer customers at different levels of value.  As the cost goes up, so does the amount of value that you are able to provide, that goes up as well.  Can you add more things to that?  Can you provide services that are the next logical step for your clients to take?  Can you give products that are the next logical step for your customers to buy?

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It makes sense and as Christians, as people who are in business, and we feel it is a calling, it is something that is more than just something that we do.  We do this as unto the Lord.  The goal should always be to serve people.  One question we can ask ourselves is how do we serve people in an even better way than how we are serving them now?  How do we give them more?  How do we do more for them?  How do we serve them better and greater and in exchange for that, they give us certificates of appreciation that we know is the dollar bill.  It’s totally righteous, totally moral, in fact it’s a good thing for people to provide financial benefit to you for the services that you offer, so what you should be doing is trying to figure out how to provide even more services to them, to the people who have already said yes to you.

I hope you enjoy this podcast.  I’m always open to your feedback by the way.  Steve@northmacservices.com is how you can send your feedback to me and I would love to have that from you.  Otherwise, I can’t wait to see you in the next episode.

By the way, if you are interested in being interviewed, I’m going to start doing some interviews from other faith-full business owners.  If you are a current listener to the podcast and you want to be interviewed, please go to faith-fullbusiness.com and there’s a big button there that says “schedule an interview” and click on that button and fill out that short form.  I would be glad to get back in touch with you.  Don’t feel like you’re a burden or you’re being selfish if you want to do this.  It’s not a prideful thing, I really want you to do this.  If you’re a listener to the show, that means you are a faith-full business owner and I would love to get your perspective and your story on the podcast.  I’m going to be putting more and more focus into this in the coming days and weeks.  I really want to share the story of others with you all.  If you are in that boat, you think you would like to be interviewed, you don’t have to have an interesting background or whatever, I’m going to ask you some questions.  Before you commit I’ll show you exactly the questions you are going to asked so you will have time to prepare.  Please, I want you to be interviewed on the podcast.  Go to faith-fullbusiness.com and sign up to be interviewed today and I look forward to having a conversation with you in the future.

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