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Jesus Christ was easily the best communicator and teacher to have ever walked the face of the earth. So while most of us already take our spiritual and moral cues from him, is it possible to glean some marketing advice as well?


Jesus was the greatest teacher to have ever walked the face of the planet.  I don’t know too many people who would disagree with that statement.  I have spoken to a lot of atheists, agnostics, people who are of different religious backgrounds, etc. and everybody agrees that Jesus was a great teacher.  One of the reasons that Jesus was such a great teacher is because of the way that he taught.

We did an episode just recently on the idea of enjoying the marketing as a marketer, not wishing that people would stop marketing to you, but instead looking at those people who have been marketing to you and being grateful for that and learning from that, learning what to do and also learning what not to do.  I think that you can apply the same thinking when you’re actually talking about doing emails, when you’re talking about sending out messages of any kind.

I’m titling this episode “Email Like Jesus”.  But really I could say “speak like Jesus,” I could say “market like Jesus”.  But really in your emails where you are doing that, hopefully, consistent, regular communication with your email list, I think this is really important.  It all comes back to storytelling, being more interesting than just coming up with five ways to do this, six ways to do that, those blog posts, podcasts, emails, those are great, those are effective, but it doesn’t make you original.  It doesn’t make you unique.  What makes you unique is your stories and your experiences.  Jesus always talked through parables and taught through stories.

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That’s my short, simple and sweet admonition for you today.  If you’re going to try to be regular doing email marketing, which you should, and I should also take a lesson and start doing that a little bit more myself, when you do that you can increase the frequency.  You can actually increase how much you speak to people the more interesting you are, the more valuable you are in your unique experiences and in the stories you tell.  That’s what I would encourage you to do, be a marketer like Jesus, email like Jesus, take some cues from Him beyond just your spiritual life and realize that he had a message to share with the world and he was extremely effective in the way he did it.  We can all take a few lessons from that.

God bless you.  Thank you for being a listener to the Faith-Full Business podcast and I’ll see you next time.


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