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This is the content consumption secret that most creators don’t want you to know.

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There’s probably no one who loves consuming content more than I do.  When I was working full time, I had an earbud in all the time and I was listening to audio books, I was listening to podcasts, I was listening to videos.  It was constant.

I still listen to a lot of content, although not quite as much because my work I do now full time in my web design and marketing work requires a lot more concentration.  I do have to focus a little bit more than I used to have to, frankly, and so I don’t listen to as much content now.  But I still do listen to content voraciously and I do it at 2 times speed.  So actually I probably listen to multiple hours of content probably still every day even despite the work that I do.

The way we consume content needs to change.  Maybe that’s how I want to say this.  Often times we consume content for entertainment.  I know I’ve been guilty of this.  Arguably, I still am guilty of this.  There’s nothing wrong with entertainment.  Obviously, there’s a time and a place for entertainment.  I think often times what we like to consume content for, especially as entrepreneurs, is infotainment.

We want to be entertained as well as learn valuable information about how to level up our skills and things of that nature.  I love to do that.  That’s my favorite kind of content to listen to or to watch.  It’s hard for me to go for straight entertainment and it’s also hard for me to go for straight information.  Although I would have to say for myself, it’s probably easier for me to go for straight information than it is for entertainment.  But again, I tend to land in that infotainment bubble and that’s what I try to produce as well.

This podcast is an exercise in infotainment.  I’m trying to give you something valuable and trying to also entertain you through the stories I am telling.  I was listening to something the other day and a thought was made in passing that I wanted to zoom in on here.  That is to consume for mastery.


What is the point of all this content consumption anyway?  So many of us get into content paralysis because the amount of content is vast and the action that we’re taking is not happening.  We’re not taking action on the things we’re learning.  We are consuming all at once things that are irrelevant to what we’re learning versus consuming to learn the one thing that we’re trying to learn right now, mastering that and then going forward.  So I want to have mastery over a subject.  You  likely want to have mastery over a certain few subjects.  And so our content consumption should be geared towards that.  Admittedly there are ways to do this that make this easier.

For example, in You Tube content, the best content creators are, in my opinion, one of the things they’re doing is organizing their content by playlist.  This is huge.  I’m actually right now working towards putting together a You Tube channel.  I already have a You Tube channel, but I’ve been really wishy washy on it with the kind of content that I want to actually put out there.  I think I have a really good idea now of what I want to do there, and I’m working on this idea and massaging this idea and trying not to do too much at one time.

As I’m thinking about it, there is a certain few themes that I want the You Tube channel to have and they are going to be organized by playlist.  I’ll just go ahead and sneak preview one of them.  One of them I’m thinking of doing is called Black Board Marketing.  So that’s going to be the title of the show that is on the You Tube channel.

That’s kind of the cool thing about a You Tube Channel is that you can actually have multiple shows on one channel.  A lot of people don’t do that but you can do that, and it’s been done very successfully I think.  You can organize by playlist and make it a lot easier.  So if you’re looking to consume for mastery, maybe one thing you can do is check to see if there is a You Tube playlist that you could go to from an influencer that you like to follow who could walk you through that specific subject matter.

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Another way to consume for mastery is to change essentially the kind of content you are consuming.  Books are typically organized in such a fashion that you are supposed to consume for mastery of a subject.  I think there’s an episode of this podcast I did called Read Less Books Kinda.  I think that was the title of the episode.  And what I meant, and what I taught in that episode is that what you should look at doing is reading less of a broad swath of books and rather reading one book multiple times to master the content, and then doing that over and over again.  So there are a few books right now that I have read four or five times that I have a better mastery of the content in those books than I do of other books.

So books and other paid content consumption like online courses, mentoring programs, things of that nature, are going to be a lot more of a productive way of consuming content than a lot of the free content that’s put out there like on blog posts and podcasts.  Some people do a really good job of organizing their stuff, and I realize that you are listening to a podcast now.  So like I said, there’s nothing wrong with infotainment, however, there definitely comes a time when you want to shift your content consumption, if only for a season, to consume for mastery.

I think you should look at doing that and these are some tips that I think will help you.  Look for You Tube playlists, look for books and look for online courses or mentorship programs that structure the content in a way that you can easily consume it for mastery of the subject rather than just for entertainment or even for infotainment.

I hope this helps you today and we will catch you in the next one.



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