Hassle-free Christian web design for busy Entrepreneurs

As a Faith-Full business leader, it would not surprise me if you prefer to work with someone like-minded when it comes to website design and marketing.

Maybe you’ve had a bad experience with another provider before, or maybe you’ve never had a website designed at all. Regardless, worldview matters when it comes to marketing and sharing the work most important to you.

I’m proud to report that as a Christian web designer, it is my goal to help other Christian entrepreneurs tell their story of God’s work in the world. In fact, that’s the entire mission of Faith-Full Business (F2B).

With a Christian web design by me and my small-but-mighty team, we can make your Christian business come alive.

We use conversion-based design principles in combination with the latest research on how people actually use websites to help you get real results.

In other words, when people come to your site, they take action (buy, subscribe, etc).

How Does the Christian Web Design Process Work?

First of all, it’s important you know how invested we are. My company provides web design services for a wide range of clients, but our absolute favorite clients are Christian entrepreneurs.

I actually believe there is an important renaissance of Christian entrepreneurship taking place that will be vitally important to the advancement of the gospel in the near and distant future; what a blessing to be a part of that!

We begin with discovery.

Before we even talk about a website, we have to determine whether we should work together at all! We’ll get started with a 30 minute discovery call.

On this call, well chat about:

  • Why you are in business.
  • Who the customers that you love to serve are.
  • What results you get for your customers. (Are you a church or ministry? Check our FAQ below.)
  • Your expectations for a web design project.
  • Your budget and “website wish list.”

If you’re ready to get started, here’s what happens next.

  1. Collect. Websites needs words and pictures. In the web world, we call this “content.” In this first phase, the goal is to collect as much content as possible. (Don’t know what to write? Don’t worry, we make it super easy for you.)
  2. Create. Once we have the content we need, the build begins. Me and the team begin crafting the website you’ve been dreaming about using the content and design inspiration you have given us.
  3. Critique. Design’s a bit subjective. As much as we stand by our work, we know that you’ll want a few changes before making it live. The Critique phase gives you the space to make these changes with confidence.
  4. Care. Finally the site is completed and launched. At this point, we “care” for the website by managing it, keeping it secure, and making sure it performs well for the long term.

“Okay Steve, but I have questions!”


Most do 😉 To talk through questions specific to your website, I would love to have a free discovery call with you. Below are the answers to the most common questions we get.

    How much does a website design cost?

    Websites begin at $197/month. To view more details about pricing and package options, please visit the Website Membership page on my agency website.

    Are these Christian web sites for businesses only, or also for churches and parachurch ministries?

    We absolutely do work for churches and other ministries. In fact, we offer a 30% discount for such ministries. Please schedule a discovery call so we can talk through your specific needs.

    Do I really NEED a website? I already have social media.

    Yes, for many reasons. You need a website for the same reason you should own a home. Anywhere else is rented land, and it’s hard to build a permanent home base on rented land. This is especially important if you are in Christian ministry work.

    When can we get started on a project?

    Currently, delivery of a website project is anywhere from 6 weeks to 90 days depending on a number of factors. After we sign an agreement, the Collect phase normally takes anywhere from 2-4 weeks. So the Create phase will usually begin around one month from the date of contract signing.

    image of shed company website
    image of marriage ministry website
    image of insurance advisor website
    image of science ministry website
    image of church website

    Ready to Get Going?

    Hey there!

    Steve here. I want to connect with you!

    We faith-full business leaders need to stick together. If you're reading this, I want to talk to you!

    Can we schedule a quick Zoom call together to meet, talk about our businesses, and expand our networks?