A reading hack that will help you more books in less time (it’s not speed reading)

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Books are AMAZING and have been a true source of enjoyment and learning for me over the years. So naturally, I want to know how to read MORE books in LESS time. This episode is the answer.

Full Transcript:

Books are absolutely the best way to up the amount of learning that you can do in a short period of time.  I used to absolutely hate reading.  I really did.  It’s so funny to say that out loud because of how much I read now.

I want to give you a reading hack that may actually help you read more books in less time, and it’s not speed reading.  I have only just learned this in the last month or so, maybe 2 months, after having read hundreds of books otherwise.  This has already helped me read more books in less time so I want to give you the hack.

When I first started reading, the way I eased in to reading books was by starting with audio books.  I had an Audible subscription and I started to consume audio books a lot and podcasts.  Podcasts were my gateway drug to audio books and then audio books were my gateway drug into Kindle and physical books.

I learned to love reading on audio and then I took that to visual and reading by text.  For the longest time I had been doing that and then awhile ago I cancelled my Audible subscription because it was $15 a month.  Now, $15 a month isn’t that bad, but at the time we were considering ways to cut all the costs that we could so that I could afford to go full time in my business.  We cut that out as one of the things and went on from there.  I just decided to read Kindle books.

A lot of times you can find Kindle books for really good deals and it would be a lot cheaper than buying the book on Audible.  I really am a fan of Kindle because you can take books with you everywhere. Your library is with you everywhere you go.  I don’t always practice this perfectly, but it’s a lot more productive to pull out a book on Kindle for that 5 minutes of down time that you have rather than pulling out your Facebook feed.  Almost always that is a better use of your time.

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I like the Kindle method.  Here’s the thing.  If you are reading books on a Kindle, you have another advantage.  That is Amazon Alexa.

Amazon Alexa has an accessibility feature that allows you to actually read your Kindle books and you can even change the speed that they read at.  I know I said it’s not speed reading, but they will read the book to you at a faster speed if you want them to.  I like to have it read at 2 times speed, but you don’t have to do that. Either way, the point is you can actually have the book read to you even if it’s on your Kindle so that when you’re driving you can listen to books then and you don’t have to buy 2 versions of the book.  So it’s cheaper and faster.  I highly recommend doing that.

If you have an iPhone or an Android device, you can just download the Alexa app and the Alexa app will do this.  You don’t have to have an Alexa device or any kind of Amazon device.  I have an iPhone.  I have the Alexa app on the iPhone and it allows me to listen to my entire Kindle library at a faster speed and it remembers that speed as well.  Whenever I start a new book it just goes ahead and does it at that speed.

There are caveats.  It is of course not a human voice reading it, but Amazon has some of the absolute best AI voice technology in the world available right now, so it’s honestly not that bad.  Another caveat is, this is an accessibility feature.  It’s not a mainline feature that they advertise so there are limitations to it. They haven’t fine-tuned this.  You can’t just search for the book in your library. Just tell Alexa which one that you want to read.  You can actually see the books in the library, but I have over 300 Kindle books in there so I can’t just search.  I have to scroll through the entire list and it’s trying to dynamically load the list, so it’s not perfect.  But I can just say, “Hey Alexa, read Work Less Make More at 2 times speed.”  Boom.  It just does it.  Or since my speed is already set, I just say “Hey Alexa, read Work Less Make More on Kindle”, and it pulls it up.

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So that is a little bit of a hack for you.  If you are using a Kindle to read books and expand your knowledge to learn more about business, marketing, life, or theology or whatever it is, you can actually use that to speed up your reading time and your efficiency.  I hope that helps you.  That’s just a little tip that, although it’s not directly business related.  I know as much as reading books has helped me in business, I’m almost certain that it will help you as well.

God bless you, and we’ll see you in the next one.


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