A bias toward fearlessness

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What does Pokémon have to do with entrepreneurship? Find out in this episode of the podcast.

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What if you approached every situation with a bias toward fearlessness?  What if whenever you tried something new, whatever it was that you are afraid to dive into right now, what if instead you just changed your mindset and decided to tackle that headfirst?

I was recently watching Pokémon with my little boys.  Growing up I loved Pokémon.  It was easily one of my very favorite shows.  My mom, who does the transcription for my podcasts, is probably going to laugh a little bit at this episode.  But it’s true.  I loved Pokémon.  It was absolutely one of my favorite things, and I’m rediscovering it these days with my little ones.  They like it, and I’m enjoying it again too. The other night, after a long day of work, we were sitting on the couch together and just chilling out before dinner.  We were watching Pokémon and I noticed something for the first time.  Well I guess I shouldn’t say it that way.  I noticed it without realizing that I noticed it before, but I really took notice of it this time in a particular context.  I got to thinking back about it, and I’ve seen this before, I noticed this actually a lot with very few exceptions.

If you don’t know about Pokémon, Pokémon stands for pocket monsters.  They never say that, but that’s basically what it means, pocket monsters.  It’s like an entire different sort of world where there are these beings called Pokémon, not quite animals, but they are modeled after animals.  The world of Pokémon assumes that animals exist too, but you don’t really see them that much. Part of what they do in Pokémon is to have official Pokémon battles.  There is a whole championship, actually multiple different kinds of championships that you enter into, etc.  You have Pokémon battles.  It’s just part of what you do  You battle with your Pokémon and it’s not like, a dog fighting ring kind of thing, they enjoy it.  Pokémon have a higher level of intelligence than just animals.  It’s part of the game.  They understand that and there is just that mutual agreement there.  I noticed that despite the odds, no matter how big one opponent is to another, no matter how unevenly matched things seem to be, I noticed that Pokémon always approach a battle with very few exceptions.  Usually when there are exceptions, it’s for a comical point by the writers of the show.

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With very few exceptions, Pokémon have a bias toward fearlessness.  They don’t assume when they are starting a battle or when they are carrying on a battle, say whoever is battling one of their Pokémon got beat and so he can use another Pokémon in the battle.  When that Pokémon comes out, he always has a bias of fearlessness.  Even if his teammate got beat, even if the other guy is a lot bigger, a lot stronger, has advantages that he doesn’t have.  For example, certain types of Pokémon will be stronger against other types of Pokémon.  Electric Pokémon are strong against water Pokémon, for example.  So it uses those real life tendencies to make that point.  So anyway, there is bias toward fearlessness.  It doesn’t matter what the odds are.  It doesn’t matter how any Pokémon before them failed to win.  There’s this bias toward fearlessness and I think we can take a huge lesson from that.

Being entrepreneurs, there are things every day that are scary.  Your income is entirely dependent on what you can produce.  It’s scary, but it’s also exhilarating.  I heard a psychologist one time talk about this and I was floored.  I’ve tried this and it’s actually worked for me.  I want you to think about this. It turns out that the very same, without getting into too much of the science of it, the very same things happen in your body, in your brain when you’re scared, when you’re happy and when you’re excited.  Fear and exhilaration essentially trigger the same sort of response in your brain.  The only difference is how you’re interpreting it.

If you’re just looking at the brain, it’s the same exact thing.  It’s just a matter of how you interpret it.  So that situation that you’re going into that makes you fearful, can you reinterpret that fear as excitement?  Now, again, I’m not saying that I’m going to try and jump out of a plane tomorrow to turn my fear into exhilaration because I’m super terrified of heights, I really am.  But honestly it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea.  I bet that would be a good thing to do, but I’m probably not going to do it, but I bet that it would probably be a good thing to do.  So it goes with the stuff you and I are doing every day.

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The advantage to being a Christian entrepreneur, as long as we are making good decisions, we feel like the decisions we’re making and the things that we’re doing fit within the sovereign will of God, we can take comfort in that.  We can rest in that.  So we more than anyone should be able to approach these situations with a bias toward fearlessness because we can know that as long as we’re making sound, moral and wise decisions, that God will honor those.  God will use us in his sovereign plan to accomplish what needs to be accomplished.

So what you do every day of your life, yeah, it matters to God.  It matters to you.  It matters in the world and we’re never going to able to get to that point that we need to if we’re too fearful, too afraid.  My encouragement for you is to approach everything you do with a bias toward fearlessness and, more specifically, do your best to turn those times when you’re afraid into times of excitement and exhilaration and you never know what kind of results you just may get.

I look forward to serving you in the future.  Again, if I can ever do anything for you, feel free to reach out.  Steve@northmacservices.com is probably the best way to reach me.  God bless.  You guys take care.  See you in the next one.


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